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At C3 Pharmacy, we understand the unique needs of residential treatment centers and wilderness programs. Our expert staff uses cutting-edge technology to customize safe and effective solutions that make a difference.



Get the information you need exactly how you need it. Our billing team provides customized Excel sheets tailored to your team's needs. 

Offering Medi-Cal billing is one of the solutions we have implemented to support our partners.

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Customized Cycles

We make medication management easy by offering custom medication cycles such as 7, 14, and 28 days.

We coordinate with your clinician visits to accommodate medication changes. 

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The Pass Pack

Take only what you need in a clearly labeled, compliant package that's lightweight and waterproof.

The PASS pack is an easy way to increase adherence and reduce medication errors and waste.

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The Weekly Pack

Take human error and the burden of that responsibility out of the picture.


The weekly pack keeps all patient's medications together in a clearly labeled, bi-fold booklet by day and time.


Spend less time chasing down prescriptions and more time with patients.


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Our RTC and Wilderness Program experience makes us a valuable educational resource for your team by providing additional training, information, and support.

  • Therapeutic Interchanges

  • Recommendations on taper and titration schedules.

  • Advice on ways to simplify patients' medication regimens.

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Give us a call for vaccine fulfillment or to schedule an on-site flu shot clinic.

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Med Cart Review

Your C3 team reviews your facility's medication cart upon request making sure they are stocked, organized, and compliant.

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Shipping & Delivery

We deliver every day, Monday - Friday, and deliver next-day for orders received by 3 pm.

Pick-up from our pharmacy is available Monday - Friday from 3-6 pm. We are available after hours if needed. 

Overnight shipping is also available. 

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