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As a trusted partner for skilled nursing facilities, C3 Pharmacy is committed to providing innovative and reliable solutions that go beyond traditional pharmacy services. With cutting-edge technology and a team of experts who understand the unique needs and challenges of your facility, we are confident that we can create customized solutions to support your team and better serve your patients.



Get the information you need, exactly the way you need it. Our billing team provides customized Excel sheets tailored to your team's data reporting on the first business day of every month. 

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Get what you need when you need it. Our team provides prescription management that works best for your team, easing the workload on staff.

  • Refill management

  • Medication synchronization

  • Assistance with prior authorizations

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Compliant Packaging

Say goodbye to medication errors. Our compliant packaging options are designed to make medication administration more efficient and accurate. 

  • Flat Pack

  • PASS Pack

  • Weekly Pack

  • Syringes

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Medication Review

Our specialized pharmacists conduct a monthly medication chart review to ensure patients' medication has proper oversight.

  • Ensuring appropriate therapy

  • Complete medication reconciliation upon admission

  • Comprehensive Review of Medications

  • Optimize medication safety and efficacy.

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Pharmacy Consultation

We are problem solvers and we are good at it. Our skilled Pharmacists are available to consult on anything that helps improve patients' health.

  • Clinically Evaluate all aspects of medication therapy for each patient in the facility 

  • Psychotropic Medication Reviews

  • Nursing in-service and education

  • Provide clinical guidance on safety and appropriate medication use

  • Collaborate with nursing staff and attending physician to optimize medication therapy

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Med Cart Review

Your C3 team reviews your facility's medication cart upon request making sure they are stocked, organized, and compliant.

  • Verify medications are being given and stored appropriately 

  • Ensure Regulations are being followed 

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Give us a call for vaccine fulfillment or to schedule an on-site immunization clinic.

  • Pneumococcal

  • Influenza

  • RSV


  • Zoster

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Sterile Compounding

Our tests for sterility use a dual media according to the USP <797> guidelines. 

  • Premixed IV's available

  • Sterile Compounded IV's available such as antibiotics and antivirals

  • Compliant per industry standards and guidelines

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Shipping and Delivery

We deliver every day, Monday - Friday based on your needs.

  • Antibiotics within 4 hours

  • Morning, afternoon, and evening deliveries as needed.

  • Pharmacists available 24/7 for after-hours orders. 

  • Overnight shipping available for remote facilities.

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